“Can we hear the pitch?” Are you sick of hearing this? Probably. So what’s with this broken record?

Hopefully this is another answer to ‘why the pitch’, from a less obvious angle. Without question, whatever comes out of your mouth next needs to be enticing enough to set a hook…

Product Preciousness is a Terminal Disease

Product Preciousness in a Startup

Ah, your incredible new product. Built to address unmet needs in a huge market.

Alas, the sad news: It will never be perfect, NEVER!

You will always have an image in your mind of what it should look like…

The CEO/founder has run a small and profitable business for years. She has now decided to take VC funding to scale her business. But the pivotal question for both founder and investor is: Can a leopard change its spots?

Imagine this: a founder/CEO has, over a number of years…

The Real Risk of an Expensive Hire

We’ve all heard of transformative new hires that change the trajectory of a business. Company leadership, thrilled at their good fortune, almost always laments not hiring that person sooner. So why didn’t they? Let’s examine the most popular reasons (or excuses) for delaying…

Elephant hunting — perhaps you should think twice?

Video: Who should you target as your customer?

With business-to-business (B2B) startups, there is almost nothing more exciting (or seductive) than hunting and bagging an elephant-sized customer. It can produce huge revenue growth, fast. It can provide you with highly leverageable customer names and references. It will excite investors. And…

TIA Ventures

TIA Ventures is a seed-stage venture capital fund that partners with companies building emotional and visceral connections with their consumers.

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